The True Natural Family Planning Chart: The Creighton Model

What is the Creighton Model?
It is a system which uses a natural family planning chart to aid you in monitoring your fertility. In fact the full name is "The Creighton Model Fertility Care System" It is a way for a woman to finally understand her own fertility and health. It is a shared method of family planning. The Creighton Model is a way to monitor your fertility cycle and health. It enables you to know when you can and cannot become pregnant and helps you to understand your body better as a whole.

The Benefits Of This System
-It is 100 % safe! There are no side effects.

-It is very inexpensive. Birth control costs you money every month for years. The classes and charts for this system cost much less.

-It is just as reliable as the best contraceptive with a 98.7-99.8 % method-effectiveness rating.

-No Guessing! You know when you are fertile and when you are not. No mistakes, just choices.

The natural family planning chart is very easy to use.

-Individual. This is not a "one size fits most" system. Each woman is different. Each cycle is different. This system teaches you how to observe and interpret your own unique biological markers, so you know and understand your fertility month to month.

-The best benefit is that it is a shared method. Husband and wife working together. Responsibility for family planning is shared by both, not just the woman. And best of all, husband and wife develop a deeper relationship of trust and respect resulting in an incredible bond of love.

How does it work?
The woman is taught to recognize and chart her biological markers that indicate her fertility. The natural family planning chart then contains a record of her reproductive heath. It can be used to determine fertility and help to interpret many other health related issues when used by a doctor familiar with the system. Unlike similar systems, the Creighton Model does not use internal examinations.
All observations are done by simply wiping the genital area with toilet paper, observing, and then charting the changes of the cervical mucus. By identifying the characteristics of the cervical mucus the woman can tell whether she is fertile or not.

Is it difficult to use?
No. It is very easy. It takes a cycle or two to get used to it but that is a small price to pay for the freedom, health, and husband-wife connection it gives you for the rest of your life. It is quickly and easily integrated into normal daily life.

It is not a contraceptive?
This model teaches you how to identify when you are fertile and gives you, as a couple, the choice to act. Will you act to avoid a pregnancy or to achieve a pregnancy? The choice is now given to you.

Warning: This Method is Not For Everyone
This method is most effective in a relationship where husband and wife are willing and able to work with each other. The natural family planning chart is used by both to understand when they, as a couple, are fertile. They must be willing to avoid intercourse during their "fertile times" as a couple. Though this may seem like a lot to ask at first, it is a small sacrifice for what you get in return. Giving a little in this way will give you more, as a couple, than I can say. It is only discovered by those who will try.

A New Perspective
This knowledge of fertility and how it works is something I wish I would have known a lot sooner. Young girls should be taught this in their health classes. Your period does not have to be the enemy anymore. Understanding your fertility is the key to embracing your fertility and seeing it for what it really is; the ultimate state of health and wellness!

There is more to life! Take this chance to learn about it!

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