Childbirth Relaxation

Childbirth relaxation is only achieved when mind and body work together. To get such cooperation takes training. Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool that few understand and most fail to use to their advantage. In fact, most people use it against themselves. This is especially true of women during labor!

Your Body Responds To Your Mind
You cannot have control over your body while your thoughts are running wild. To relax your body during labor, you must first have your mind under control. Childbirth relaxation depends on your ability to use your mind correctly. So the first thing you must do if you really want to be able to relax and have an easier and more confident birth is to start learning about your mind, it's capabilities, and how to use them to your advantage. Start with Attention Focusing and some easy Imagery exercises to begin training and exploring the amazing capabilities of your mind

Your Mind And Body Must Train Together
Since your mind is in control of your body it only seems logical that you can use your mind to help aid your body in the task of childbirth relaxation. If you think for some reason that you will be able to enter labor and just "relax", without having practiced, prepare for disappointment. You must practice relaxing your body using your mind. The more you practice, using variable techniques, the better your ability to maintain relaxation during childbirth will be. Some easy to do and effective exercises are

Progressive Relaxation and Neuromuscular Disassociation. Don't let the big words deter you. These are simple to do and will help you practice for childbirth relaxation before the big day.

Looking for Deep Relaxation- Try Hypnobirthing!
You may or may not have heard about the "newest" wave sweeping the child birthing world: Hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing has actually been around for several years but like all good things it sometimes takes time to circulate the word, especially when your first impression of the word may send you a negative signal.

"Hypno"-birthing? What is that? Some crazy giving birth while under hypnosis deal? Not for me! I don't have anything to do with magicians and hypnotizing people. Entertaining, but silly. At least that is what I thought the first several times I heard the word and so never even gave it a second glance until I finally happened across an article that caught my eye.

Hypnobirthing is in fact one of the easiest and helpful means of preparing for childbirth I have seen yet. It has nothing to do with hocus-pocus or being "put under" in a trance. Hypnobirthing is about sending positive suggestions to the mind, practice relaxing your body, and using slow, deep breathing to aid and focus in the relaxing process. It is in fact a beautiful combination of all of the best tools used to teach you how to trust your body, relax, and have a healthy positive birth.

Using Water During Birth
There is a good chance you have heard of waterbirthing. It is where you are able to sit in a big tub of warm water to help you relax and let go of tension during labor. In the event of a complete "water-birth" the baby is actually born under water. The use of warm water can be extremely helpful to a laboring woman in that the sensation of the warm water helps to relieve and sooth some of the cramping and discomfort of contractions. If you want to enjoy the comforts of a water birth start ahead of time. It takes a little more preparation on your part (like if you want an actual birthing tub) but When you have the right setup, and the right help, water birth can be a safe and soothing way relax and give birth.

Want More Ways To Help You Relax?
Here are a few,


Hot and Cold Therapy

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